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At Vine Performance Therapy, we focuses solely on the quality of physical therapy that can be delivered to each and every patient.

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One-On-One Treatments,
Every Time.

As a performance physical therapy clinic, the name performance does not just represent treating athletes but also represents the quality of care that is delivered. While physical therapy clinics across the country continue to focus on volume (meaning how many patients a physical therapist can see in a day), we focus on the quality of care and treatment that patients are receiving. We have specifically chosen to establish this characteristic as the driver for who we are and what we do – the focus is on you, the patient.

We only provide one-on-one treatments for each patient– no co-treatments ever! You will always be our sole focus during your treatment. Additionally, each treatment will be delivered by the same Doctor of Physical Therapy who evaluated you from the very beginning–this creates the most effective continuum of care until the goal is reached of you being pain free and back to enjoying the life you deserve.

By seeing patients one-on-one, we provide the ‘hands-on’ care to each patient that is required to maximize the efficiency of the rehab process.

If you are looking to make the most out of your physical therapy within the least amount of time, then call us today to book an appointment to see how we can help.

Why Vine
Performance Therapy?

The word ‘Vine’ represents to us the Biblical scripture John 15:5 which states, “I am the vine, you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit. Apart from me you can do nothing”. This scripture is a constant reminder of why we help people and do what we do – to not let greediness or selfish desires come into the care we provide, but to do everything in the way that Jesus would want us to do – which is to serve and help others.

Meet Dr. Ryan Teknipp

Dr. Ryan Teknipp has been treating Central Ohio residents since 2019 after moving to the Columbus area. Originally from Northeast Ohio, he received his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Ryan had the privilege of working with collegiate and professional athletes, including combine training for the 2018 NFL draft class, and assisting with the Olympic USA National Rowing Team.

Ryan has a passion for assisting people with a broad spectrum of movement and mobility issues, especially those that effect athletes’ abilities to perform at their maximum potential. Through analysis of movement and identifying asymmetries in mobility or strength, Ryan enjoys developing programs to help people to move better with proper stability and control, which allows for athletes to perform better while minimizing risk of injury.

Ryan lives in Delaware with his wife and three young boys, all 4 years old and under. However, he still enjoys training and competing in triathlons when the time is available!

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Meet Dr. Chanel Crawford

Dr. Chanel Crawford has been treating in Central Ohio since 2022. She is originally from Northeast Ohio, and received her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from The Ohio State University. Chanel has experience working with patients with orthopedic conditions, both surgical and nonsurgical. She enjoys treating patients of any age group and fitness level. Chanel considers patients’ specific goals and combines them with evidence-based practice to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her friends, exploring various food cuisines and playing pickleball and basketball.

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