Performance Tune-Up

Identify limiting factors that are keeping you
from performing at your best.

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What Is A Performance

An assessment that is delivered by a Doctor of Physical Therapy to identify limiting factors that are preventing an individual from being at their best. Through an assessment that looks through different movement patterns, we will identify faulty mechanics and will provide the corrective strategies to restore optimal movements.

What To Expect.

This assessment takes you through a multitude of movements to identify faulty patterns that can be corrected. These movements are to not provoke pain, and if pain is present, then the client needs a performance physical therapy evaluation to identify the root cause of the pain, which needs to be corrected prior to beginning a performance assessment. When there is pain, then many movement systems will fail.

You will leave knowing what strategies and corrective actions that can be taken to improve your overall performance, whether that means having to sit at a desk for many hours each day or heading out to the field and competing in a sport, and anything in between.

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